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We pride ourselves in offering certified Barista training for all people who have an interest and passion for the industry. The benefit of training with Ty Best is the amount of people trained at a time. The class is intimate and you will qualify after the completion of a bean to cappuccino experience.

We offer an integration process at our Mobile facility, where you will experience working with clients under the watchful supervision of your trainer.

We have Mobile Cafe units to cater at any function or event.

About us

Ty Best was established as a training facility in 2016. The initial facility was designed to assist people in going beyond their limitations. Barry Scotson -also known as Ty Best- developed a program called Grow-in UrSelf for this reason. His passion for coffee took him in a new direction. He started Barista training and it has been remarkable to see how people have grown through this coffee training experience. It is not limited in any way and is open to all types of people. He trained someone who didnt even know what hot chocolate was and today she is a recognised Barista at a coffee shop. He trained another woman who worked with him to prepare light meals. She had the opportunity to teach someone to take over from her. He finds these stories remarkable and a testimony of what we can achieve in life when we allow ourselves the grace."

Ty Best Mobile Cafe has grown from strength to strength and we have been priviledged to partake in some valuable experiences at events and functions. We have all captured many fond memories and can laugh together when we have moments to share them.


It all starts with the beans.....we use an Ethiopian, Guatemala and Brazilian blend which is roasted locally and supplied by RYO. We found this to be one of the most well adjusted, all day drinking blends. It makes a rich but smooth espresso and the shot carries itself well when milk is added. We have always strived to offer good quality beverages at a competitive price. This applies to all the beverages we offer, from our Carmien teas, Chai drinks to Hot Chocolate. We have some speciality drinks on offer, like a Green Tea Mocha Latte.

Our Mobile Cafe is able to extend the beverage offering for dairy intolerant people. We normally have Almond or Soya Milk available.

We are never restricted by the weather as we blend up a Frappe (an iced coffee creamed up with a blender) during those sweltering hot days

and have the gazebo to cover us during those inclement, good hot beverage drinking ones.

Sons of Amazon Coffee imported from Scotland now available from R199 per bag. The three origins are from Cuba, Sumatra and Papa New Guinea and all medium roasted. The three blends are Retro, Triple C and Barmix and a their speciality original High Caffiene.


Do You have the Passion to want to learn more about Coffee?


Ty Best Coffee Academy

The Ty Best level 1 course is run over a period of nine hours, being three consecutive days for three hours a day.

We are open to adjust this to the individuals needs as we can train during a weekend.

We now offer a Level 2 course for those who have Barista experience and would like to hone their skills. 

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